Masunaga Shokushin Co.,Ltd We strive to make thce most of natural ingredients and serve good quality products.

We strive to make thce most of natural ingredients and serve good quality products.

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Company Overview


  1. To contribute through our business to the development of our food culture and the enhancement of health standard.
  2. To develop new products to fulfill our customers' needs
  3. To reflect on our communication methods and to provide each employee with opportunities.

Company Profile

Company Name Masunaga Shokuhin Co.,Ltd
Established November, 1958
Capital 15,000,000 yen
Representative Yoshihiro Masunaga
Location 2028-1, Kitagawara, Masaki, Iyo-Gun,(MAP
Ehime, Japan, 791-3131
TEL: 089-984-1527
FAX: 089-984-1526
Plant Size Land area: 5,277.14 squares, Factory floor space: 4090.92 squares
Employees 70 (Dated of 2006)


1935 Sueyoshi Masunaga opened a wholesale store that dealt in marine products in Masaki.
1949 After the Second World War, started food processing.
1953 Masayoshi Masunaga established Masunaga Shouten with the capital 4,000,000 yen.
November, 1958 Changed the company name to Masunaga Shokuhin.
April, 1973 Bought a site and built the second factor in Masaki.
December, 1978 Increased the capital to 15,000,000 yen.
April, 1987 Extended the second factory.
December, 1990 Bought another site in Masaki.
February, 1992 Partially launched direct foreign trade.
June, 1995 Moved to the second factory, leaving the old as Masaki branch factory.
Fumihiro Masunaga was elected as Representative Director.
1997 Bought another site to build a new factory.
April, 2000 Started building a new factory in Masaki (Completed in January of the following year).
March, 2001 Closed the old factories and moved to the new one.